Saturday, July 2, 2011

a feel good story

We make these little toys with love and then drop them off somewhere. We hope someone will find them in order to "rescue" them and take them home.
That's about it....

Until, every now and then, we get lucky and a recipient emails in and lets us know they found one of our heartfelt creations.
That's about it.

Until, you accidentally meet the person who FOUND the little toy you made and then tells you the story about how they found it and how much their son adores it, named it, and can't sleep without it...ever!

Like with this little crocheted turtle I dropped last May.

I made and then dropped it at our local library. A while later, I was lucky enough to be emailed that the turtle had indeed been rescued! That was a long time ago and since I do one drop a month, I moved the next drop and the next and the next.

Then during VBS, I actually met the family that found it!
One of the women I worked with in the arts/crafts room overheard me talking about toy drops....she got into the conversation and started asking me questions. I knew she was leading up to something when she asked if I'd ever dropped a little turtle at the library. Once confirmed that I had made the turtle, she went on to tell me that her son had found the turtle I'd made and named it "Snappy" and sleeps with it every. single. night. (He keeps it under his pillow.) She said he can't sleep without it, it is his dream catcher.
At the end of the week she introduced me to her sweet son and I had a little lump in my throat knowing how much he loved Snappy.

So those of you who lovingly make these toys and never know what happens to them, keep making them! My story is proof that we are making a difference, one toy at a time.


Jan said...

How wonderful is this. I've just joined and am looking forward to my first drop.

Carol E. said...

Thanks for this great story. What a blessing to not only hear that it was rescued but to meet the recipient! Thanks for sharing.

DPM said...

Such a nice post-thanks for sharing.

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The Imaginative Child said...

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Anonymous said...

What a great story! You always hope the your toy goes off to be well-loved, it's just the icing on the cake to get a first-hand account!

carlaevelien said...

Wow, what a great story! I love it! I did quite some toydropping, and hardly ever get a response. I think I might have dropped some 20 times, and got a response twice. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but your story keeps me going on ;).