Saturday, December 24, 2011

CHristmas Drops and apologies

Hi there,

I don't like to do posts directly from me, but I feel it is important to address you personally.

I want to apologise that things have fallen behind a bit around here lately. It was not my intention to let things slip so far behind.

There have, however, been some very special, amazing elves working behind the scenes (one extra special one who popped up without my knowledge and started posting the back log of drops) helping to get things back on track.

In the new year, to make sure this doesn't happen again, I will be introducing some new (and easy) ways to upload your drops to the blog. I will also be looking for a committee of helpers to make sure things stay on track - so if you're interested (or have some ideas about making improvements in this space), keep an eye on your inbox for a new year newsletter.

In the mean time, all toys dropped in the past few days up until December 27, will become part of the 2011 Christmas Drop. You will see them start appearing here after the 26 of December. Any finds reported in that time will be reported ASAP.

There is also a huge backlog of finders to report, so they will be posted over the coming weeks too, keep an eye out for some beautiful new finder stories.

Thank you all for your patience. Thank you also for your continued commitment to giving someone a something for nothing experience - your selfless generosity is a truly special thing.

Founder, The Toy Society


Carla said...

Thank you for your explanation. I think it's so great to have a central place to combine so many droppings from different people. And I can just imagine how much work this is, so there is absolutely no offense to the back log. I was planning to do some dropping these days, and when I do, I will just put it here as usual and wait patiently when it will appear. I think there is no need to worry, I will state the emailaddress with the drop-item, so the finder will be able to send an email if there is not yet a reaction possibility on the blog.

Kind regards and keep up the good work you do!

nix said...

merry christmas, Bianca.

The Sparkle said...

Welcome back and a happy christmas to you also.
If i can help.
Please let me now.


Cat said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous site. I love this idea! My friend and I did a "drop" of sorts just before Christmas as part of a Kindness Project I am undertaking. I have written a blog post about it with a link to your blog here:

Its easy to let things slip, I know I've done the same thing over the last few months. But you've got a great thing going on and giving can change the world so keep up the amazing work!


Yarni Gras! said...

glad you are back. I just couldn't do it all by myself any longer and had to get busy making Christmas gifts for my family!

Carol E. said...

This is a big job. It'll be nice if you can figure out ways to make it easier. One request: could you make it easier to find the file that includes the drop info (the stuff we're supposed to print and include with the toys)? I wanted to do some Christmas drops but couldn't find the files.

Dollmaker Barb said...

If you need help, Bianca, let me know (
I will help post things. Last year we posted our own Christmas drops, but I can't remember how we did it, so I just emailed mine to the address, along with two pics with each. Barb