Sunday, February 5, 2012

Drop #1773

Dropped: Patmos Garden war memorial, Todmorden, UK
Number of Toys: 1 green corduroy elephant
Made by: Phyrbyrd
Dropped by: Phyrbyrd
Date: Feb. 3, 2012
.... and Phyrbyrd says: Wow, it's been a while. Made this as a demonstration piece for my sewing class, thought I might as well give it to Toy Society!


Jopsy said...

Love it! Must get back into making toys for the TS!

Claire said...

We are writing to thank you, Phyrbyrd, for the beautiful toy, found by my daughter, Amelia, in Patmos Gardens, Todmorden, Lancashire, UK.

We all went for a family walk in the snow on Saturday afternoon and the elephant was half-buried on the side of the path, where only a little person kicking up snow and taking great delight in crunchy footprints on the frosty ground was likely to find her (instead of adults, who scurry through the cold too quickly, huddled up in scarves, desperate to get home for a cuppa!).

Amelia cuddled her elephant all the way home, a cold winter’s day soon forgotten thanks to the warm feeling given to all 4 of us by a small, green elephant.

Thank you so much,
Claire & Amelia.