Sunday, March 18, 2012

FOUND: Drop #1790

Drop #1790 has been found!

Ms. Terori Hareko-Samios, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Women's Support Worker at the A.W.H.B.U (@ Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne) writes:

Dear Juddie,

Please see attached picture of a patient from the Aboriginal Women’s Health Business Unit with toy you left on the seat in our office. The patient was very happy and confused that some wonderful person had taken the time to make a great toy and left it without wanting payment for it. Thank you for a wonderful gift that I am sure will be treasured always.

Kind regards

You're very welcome, Terori! I think knowing that our toys make people happy is the best 'payment' one could hope for ...


Carla said...

That's just it! Thank you's like these are the perfect payment for dropping ;).

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