Sunday, March 18, 2012

Toy Society blog - update

Hi again all you lovely toy-makers, toy-droppers and toy-lovers...

I just wanted to keep you up to date on a few goings-on around here. My name is Juddie and I've been an administrator for this site for the past few years. In recent months our small team has been swamped by other other commitments but we've been doing what we can to maintain the blog postings. As it happens, I'm due to have my first baby in the the next week or so and I don't know how frequently I'll be able to continue updating this blog once I get the bub home.

Thank you very much to those of you who have offered to help out .... we're currently in the process of making new arrangements for speedy uploads and timely news from the Toy Society community, and we'll be in touch as soon as we finalise these details.

So .... I guess I'm just asking you all to hang in there with us and be patient - we'd still love you to continue making and dropping toys, adding your pictures and details to the Flickr group , and perhaps email me directly if you have any questions in the meantime: juddieb[at]bigpond[dot]com.

Many thanks everyone!


The Toy Society said...

Hey guys, Bianca here, am in touch with Juddie now - email mishap on my end.

I know you'll all join me in wishing Juddie all the best as she embarks on motherhood and of course, sincerest of thanks for holding up this community over the past many months.

I'll be in touch soon.

Bianca x

Inge´s yarn contaminated zone said...

I just read this blog now (i'm behind with reading)But congrats with the baby(I think it is born by now)

Greets Inge

Juddie said...

Thank you Inge! Two of us from The Toy Society have had babies in the last 2 weeks!
We'll get back to the admin tasks as soon as we can.