Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A beautiful finder story! Let us know if this was your toy that you dropped.

From: Alice
Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 6:52 AM
Subject: Rescued!

To all those included in 'The Toy Society',

My name is Alice Wilson, I am 23 years old and I work at Homebase in Selly Oak Birmingham. I will tell you firstly why finding this little knitted kitty felt very meaningful to me...

It was last Tuesday July 2nd, me and my family had come to the very heartbreaking decision that it was time to say goodbye to our beloved 17 year old cat, Tom. I went to work on the evening with a very heavy heart knowing that when I got home later that night he would greet me purring at my ankles for the very last time.

So it was towards the end of my shift when the shop had closed, I was putting away some of the stock back on the shelves and I noticed a bag containing a cute knitted cat, I firstly thought a customer must have lost it and it had been thoughtfully placed in a bag and hung up for them to find again. Realising the bag was labeled "Take me home I'm yours" my curious nature took over and I thought perhaps I will! So when I got home and opened the bag I was delighted to realise that this was in fact left on purpose for somebody to find! And I really believe it was meant for me to find! For one, I just love cats, secondly, I love arts and crafts, I collect all sorts and love searching for one off items and knick knacks like this. So this really made my week, although tinged with sadness for the loss of my cat, and this is why I believe I was meant to find this. It warmed my heart when I was feeling so so sad. And I would love to thank Ana Tine who made this toy and left it in Homebase Selly Oak. He has found the perfect home!

Lots of love!

-Alice :)


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AnaTine said...

Hello, I am AnaTine, and this little cat was my first ever drop. Alice, who found it, managed to post the find before I posted the drop! I am so pleased Alice found it, it was definitely meant to be hers.