Sunday, August 4, 2013

FOUND: Drop #1867

Drop #1867 has been found!
From: Amanda
Date: 3 August 2013 8:54:45 PM AEST
Subject: Drop #1867 Found!!

Hello, we were on a bike ride up in the hills and ended up totally lost as we had missed the right turn off for the track home.  We were looking at the map when we noticed this little bag hanging from a post.  On closer inspection we found this lovely little surprise inside! So we named him lucky as we felt very lucky to have become lost so that we could find him!  He had an adventurous ride back to his new home with us on the handle bars (the long way home) and has now settled in very nicely as part of our family :) He made us all feel very happy.  Thank you so much for putting so much love and care into making him.   He will be treasured! xo

Amanda, Trent, Skye and Flynn

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