Monday, August 26, 2013


From: A
Date: Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 6:46 AM
Subject: Purple fairy with attitude found Birmingham

Found: 12th July 2013
Where: Top floor Queen Elizabeth Hospital car park, Birmingham UK
Dropped by: Ana Tine

Today I had my Secret Toy Society experience & it really couldn't have come at a better time - it honestly bought a tear to my eye &; touched my heart.

For the past few years I've given up my spare time & worked voluntarily for a severe postnatal mental illness charity after suffering myself 7 yrs ago out of the blue. The work is very rewarding knowing that we're providing much needed support to women & their families where previously there was none. The service we provide & the difference we're making as a charity is amazing but it can be pretty tough going at times & both physically & emotionally draining!

This morning I'd arrived for an interview to make my role a part-time paid position & was feeling frazzled, tired & overwhelmed. I'd been up until the early hours supporting people I know only virtually on our online community. I was wondering if I was doing the right thing & if it was worth giving up all my time & energy to strangers who I'd never meet.

I found the fairy hanging off the railings next to where I'd parked my car & I smiled when I realised how perfect she was. She's got long dark hair with plenty of grey bits (just like me) & she has attitude (just like me when I fight the stigma & ignorance). And I couldn't believe that she's purple - we hold fundraising Purple Parties each year because the illness is sometimes called 'puerperal psychosis' - how apt!

She reminded me of the power of strangers & how they can really touch the lives of others even from a distance. She reminded me how big changes can be made by small gestures (the ripple effect) & how important it is that we reach out to others to help them through their struggles. In a way, I saw it as confirmation that I was doing the right thing & shouldn't lose faith, that I should continue striving to improve things for new mums & families in crisis & that it all really was worthwhile.

I've called her 'Ana Hope' as to me she was the perfect symbol of hope at just the right time. She's now my unofficial charity mascot & will be found at many of our purple events. Thank you Ana for your kindness, you've done more good than you'll ever know! 

A x


Maria said...

I love this story! <3

AnaTine said...

Thank you so much for writing this.When I dropped the fairy I couldn't have hoped to have her found by someone so appropriate. It brought a tear to my eye, not least because the wife of my husband's work colleague suffered from puerperal psychosis last year, and we know how devastating, completely unexpected and bewildering it was for everyone. Thank you for the work you do for these women and their families. I am so very,very glad that the fairy is yours.

Karen said...

Such a touching story! Finally realizes the power of dropping toys. I better start off quickly so more people can feel the love xox