Thursday, September 19, 2013

FOUND: Drop # 1899

Drop #1899 has been found!

From: Tuuli
Date: 7 September 2013
Subject: Thank you Ieva!

Dear Ieva & the Toy Society,

This sleepy cat was found in Sibelius Park playground in Pori, Finland.

It was found today, on 7th September 2013, by Tiira with her sister Tyrni and father Marko. It was named Ilma ("Air").

After serious family negotiations it was decided that Ilma sleeps every second night in Tiira's and every second night in Tyrni's bed.

As Ilma seems to be very tired, it's now taking a daytime nap it this toy house.

Thank you Ieva for this cute surprize!

Tiira (7yrs), Tyrni (3yrs), Marko & Tuuli

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