Monday, December 22, 2008

FOUND: Christmas Drop # 42

Christmas Drop # 42 has been found. Be warned a tissue might needed while reading..

from Susan
dateMon, Dec 22, 2008

Just wanted to know the happiness you have brought to a number of people. On the weekend I was walking down the street and saw a toy rabbit in a bag attached to a shop door. It had a sign with it saying 'take me home'. It was so cute and obviously needed a home so I took it- didn't know what I would do with it as I am a 48 year old with no kids.

Then the 'magic' happened. When I got home I had a call on my answering machine saying a dear friend's child was in intensive care having fallen 2 metres on her head onto concrete. Luckily there is no spinal damage but she is still needing a CT scan due to bleeding and bruising on the brain and has a large amount of damage- broken bones to the face. That's when I knew where the rabbit needed to be.

We went to see her in intensive care and guess who now is the treasured bedside companion?
Thanks you for spreading so much joy in this world. You cannot imagine what a difference it has made.
Thanks once again (and to the two women from Benteligh, Victoria, Australia).

Love, Sue


Is that not just:
- Just lovely
- so much in the spirit of christmas
- an amazing co incidence

PS Still more drops to come!! And another big shout out to Amy who posted all the drops today. Go visit her blog to see her (crazy) Ikea inspired softie snake.


Amy Badskirt said...

Oh, the little rabbit's story broke my heart. I'm so happy to hear it found a good home. This story alone makes every drop worth it.

manda said...

This is why we do what we do! I hope every one of toy drops goes to someone who really needs it this Christmas!