Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drop # 517

Dropped: Outside Tilley Devine's, Wattle St, Lyneham, Canberra ACT, Australia

Number of toys: 1 bunny using a Kirsten Doran pattern

Made by: Michelle

Dropped by: Michelle, and Bianca of The Toy Society

Date: Saturday 25 July 2009

And Michelle says: Bianca was visiting Canberra so we met up for afternoon tea at Tilley's. Seemed like the perfect opportunity for a drop with the brains behind The Toy Society!


The Toy Society said...

Whomever finds this sweet little bunny is one lucky finder indeed. I can vouch for it because I personally handled the bunny before the drop!

Anonymous said...
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annamaria potamiti said...

What a sweet project- This one is a extra-yummy toy- whoever took it home was definitely sooo lucky!
Thank you for spreading the joy,

ilovebabyquilts said...


Anonymous said...

Hooray for more Canberra drops! Semele.

Anonymous said...

We have the bunny! My partner, two year old son and myself were out walking in the late afternoon when we spotted 'Flopsy' on the bench outside Tilley's Cafe. A passerby said it had been there for some time. We were puzzled why noone thought to collect it earlier and this led to some musing on the subject. But we are glad to have found it and have given it a good home. Our son loves bunnies so it was a lovely find. Thanks Michelle and Bianca! Julie.