Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drop # 451, #452, #453, #454, #455, #456, #457

Dropped: Lucama, North Carolina (NC), USA
Number of toys: 7
Made by: Tygra Beaumont
Dropped by: &
When: 16 January 2009
And Tygra says:We dropped the red bunny on a picnic table at the playground, the pink bunny was dropped on a little girl's porch, the orange bunny was dropped under a tree at the entrance of the trailer park, the light blue bunny was dropped on the steps of the church, the dark blue bunny was dropped at the playground, the brown bunny was dropped in the library's return slot (the library was closed) & the purple bunny was dropped on ivy at the foot of a tree on my fiance's father's property (which is on main street).
Guess folks will be wondering about the Bunny Mystery in Lucama for a while, lol!

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