Thursday, July 18, 2013

FOUND # 1856

Drop # 1856 has been found by the cutest finder!

From: Lydia
Subject: FOUND # 1856
To: "

To all involved in putting a huge smile on my little boys face.

We stopped at the Karoonda Playground to have a play on the 15th July. We had been travelling from Adelaide back home. My son and his little sister were playing happily, when we saw this bag on the top of the play equipment. My little boy who is in LOVE with Monkeys. Said mum "Can we keep him!!" I said "Well it does say TAKE ME HOME IM YOURS! so yes we will take him." His face lit up and I was so happy to see such joy be brought to my son's face from a complete stranger.

Mou Mou is now a new member of the family and goes everywhere with my son.

Its wonderful to see such kindness is still in this world. I will raise my children with the same compassion and kindness to complete strangers as you are creating through this amazing gesture.

Thank you once again for the special gift that you gave to my son.

Warm Wishes,

Lydia S x


Domenica said...

Oh, this is just beautiful to see! This is the icing on the cake for me. I love the name Mou Mou, too!

Lavinia said...

Mou Mou is so cute! and so is his little finder. Love the Toy Society!!