Saturday, August 30, 2008


There's so many amazing projects out there; people doing awesome things just for the fun of it or for whatever reasons. You've probably heard about or been part of the Book Crossing project? I thought I'd share some others I've come across since starting The Toy Society.

These 2 are my current favourites:
  • Melbourne Fringe Festival (a few years ago) project Display Purposes with display T Shirts spread far and wide. The gallery is fabulous! Meg contacted me when I first started The Toy Society. I wish I found one of her shirts.
  • Surely you've seen the Little People project? What's not to love about little hand painted people installations left on the streets of London to be enjoyed? And there's a book about to be released too.
And what about:
  • You might have heard about Adam Neate? He's been leaving his artworks on the streets of London for 5 years. He's doing all sorts of serious like exhibitions now and it seems he's got fan sites too!
  • And here's one I thought you'd like to play along with, leave a nice note for your anonymous friends as part of Operation Nice.
Now clicky clicky!

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Michelle said...

I read about another one in the paper last week (I think). Cupcakes of Kindness or something. They leave cupcakes around the place. Unfortunately not many people eat them as they think they are poisoned, so I'm not too sure what the point is.