Thursday, September 4, 2008

Be still my beating heart

Have you heard people are guerilla gardening out there? Perhaps a Guerilla Garden/The Toy Society collaboration is in order?

Guerilla Gardening:
"An underground movement that aims to transform ordinary public space from grey to green are covertly operating in Australia’s urban areas.They're called guerilla gardeners, and their mission is to beautify the metropolitan areas - planting trees and shrubs in their own time and at their own expense."


Michelle said...

I've heard of them - and I think it such a fantastic idea. I've heard of roundabouts being done up after midnight, and community gardens popping up in between buildings. Genius!

Erica said...
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Erica said...

sorry about the deleted post, that was an 'oops....(wrong sign in)

I have a friend who lived opposite vacant land (a quarry)and planted jacaranda along the road, they were there for about 20 years, really big and beautiful flowers, the land has just been developed and her trees bulldozed because they were 'not native' - dinky little feature gardens are there now, so she goes for walks with her seedlings and infiltrates her jacaranda plantings, no-one has noticed yet, hopefully they won't, I know they are not native trees, but is that so important?

Sayraphim said...

OH! I saw this on the 7:30 report! How incredible is that as an idea? Sneaking in under cover of darkness, beautifying a place, and sneaking away again.

Rock on guerrilla beautification say I!