Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drop # 19

Dropped: Pastor Nicholls statue, Parliament Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

Number of toys: 1

Made by:
Tutti Fruiti

Dropped by: Miss Pen Pen

When: 24 September

And: Apparently Pastor Nicholls gets lots of gifts in his hands pretty much daily, hopefully they're all as sweet as today's gift.

What a great day for a drop, the Melbourne Fringe Festival started today and there's some great stuff happening - lots of craft relate stuff too. I'm hoping The Toy Society can be part of it next year.


trashalou said...

I have my fingers crossed I shall find a Toy Society drop-off at Christmas time.

quinn said...

I came upon this blog a couple of weeks ago, and just want to say how happy it makes me to read it.
When I'm alerted that there's a new post, it's almost as if *I* have found a new toy! :)
Perhaps I'll become clever enough to make a toy or two...

Sayraphim said...

What a great idea to make The Toy Society part of Fringe next year! You could do it like they did K2 TOG this year. Oh, you should email them about it!

Let me know if you need a hand figuring it all out!

Si a Todo said...

I found her! I found her!

One of my ESL students and I decided to name her Chu Lo, which means "sparkle" in Korean. Or something like that.

I was smiling all day and had a spring in my step. Chu Lo occupies a prime spot in my room, and I now have to explain to people why a 28 year old bloke has a stuffed dolly hangin' around.

Thanks Toy Society. You made my day.