Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sharing the Love

There's been some great toys landing in the lap of The Toy Society of late. Some have been dropped locally and others have been sent other places to be dropped. Some you've already seen, some you'll have to wait a little longer to see.

These were sent by the fabulous Crabtree Studio. I'd desperately like to find that woolly guy for myself!

This crazy little one came from Absolutely Small. Tweet Tweet! I'm holding onto this one for my next rain free trip to Surry Hills - for some reason it always rains when I go there to drop a toy.

And you've seen this one donated by Jill at Homemade by Jill. No word from the finder yet, but there's still plenty of time.

And of course these beauties from Sydney based Designer Tutti Fruiti arrived recently. You know one's already been dropped and found, two more to go.

These cheeky little guys only arrived last week from Cam at Curly Pops and are already lined up ready to be sent to a secret location to be dropped off.

And there are a few little Serious Ghosts that were thrown into the packages sent out to be dropped. These ones are Toy Society made and designed by Azz who found one of the very early Toy Society drops.

If you have a toy you'd like to send in to be dropped somewhere other than your own city send an email to get the address to post your plush to.

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