Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drop # 440

Drop by Donna and Liam, originally uploaded by TheToySociety.

Dropped: Langham Tce playground at Unley Oval, Adelaide, South Australia

Number of toys: 1

Made and dropped by: Donna and Liam

When: June 23rd 2009

And Donna says: We left this doll at the playground a bit worried that it
was such a miserable day, nobody would come out for a play... she went

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gorgeous doll - my 19 month old daughter Maya found it! It's the first time we've been to that playground and it was the coldest morning! We were killing time before a last minute doctors appointment as Maya had red spots which I only realised when I got to childcare so had to bypass work and childcare and head straight to the doctors. Turns out she was fine but it was such a lovely thing to stumble across when you're having those moments! It was meant to be - it brightened up our day to no end!