Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drop # 617

pastel pixie 1 drop, originally uploaded by Katy Did.

Dropped: Ann Arbor Michigan, USA - University of Michigan hospital, bench by the cafateria

Number of Toys: 1

Made/Dropped by: Naner Lady

When: 27 August 2009

And Naner Lady says: We were waiting for the sun, I hope she brightens someones day =)

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Susan Dalton-Akers said...

We found her!! She's going to her forever home in Gobles, Michigan with little Miss Carly Rae Akers, who underwent open heart surgery on 8/6 and spent 37 days at the U of M hospital. Many thanks, Naner Lady!! She definitely did brighten our day!!

P.S. I sent a picture to the Toy Society email - I hope it gets passed along to you.