Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drop # 618

Dropped: N. Las Vegas, NV USA (Camino Al Norte & Centennial Park)

Number of Toys: 1

Made by: Vivayne,

Dropped by: Vivayne,

When: Thurs 8/27/09 7:30 pm

And Vivayne says: This is handmade by me especially for whoever picks it up! I made it from fabric in my Grandmother's stash. This park was pretty busy with sports being played in the surrounding fields, however I was able to drop the toy undetected.
Before I could leave I saw one little girl pick it up, look around and then drop it, so I hope whoever did pick it up likes it.

p.s. The collar is removable (attached by brad), please remove to prevent choking hazards.

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