Sunday, December 20, 2009

09 Christmas Drop # 87

Dropped location: Alice Keck Park, by the duck pond. Santa Barbara, California, USA

Number of toys: 1 ("Ralph")

Made by: Amanda Hockham

Dropped by: Amanda Hockham

When: 12/19/09 at 9am

Amanda Hockham says: Right after I dropped it off a father and son walked by. Father looked at it and kept walking. I walked back away from the pond and across the grass to my next drop off. I stopped to see if it had been picked up and saw the dad with it in his hand. In heavily accented English he shouted across the pond, "this yours?" "No, It's for who ever finds it", I shouted back in Spanish. He put his hand over his heart and quietly said, "Thank You". He asked me why and I just told him to look at the letter inside and walked away with a tear in my eye.

I took the picture of them just after this conversation


The Moody Chick said...

That's incredible!

Carol E. said...

Great story!

Juddie said...

*ahhh!* - that's what it's all about!

miss~nance said...

Thats beautiful.