Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drop # 838

Dropped: Junction Street Nowra - outside Blooms Chemist, NSW, Australia

Number of Toys: 1

Made by miss~nance

Dropped by miss~nance
And Miss-Nance says: There were so many people around that is was quite a hard drop to do. AS I walked away a homeless man was standing in front of the bench looking my way but he appeared to leave without it, it was gone half an hour later when the girl who helped me leave it walked past

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Mari said...

Hey Miss-nance,
I dropped my 09 Christmas #95 this afternoon and just checked int to see the post...and hey wow there is already a comment...
It's pretty heartwarming to see what happens when a homeless person is the one to find your toy!
Just thought I would share...not sure how to link it but think it's just a couple up from you.
Merry Christmas.