Saturday, December 19, 2009

09 Christmas Drop #62

Dropped: Hoquiam, WA, USA at apartments along Simpson Ave

Number of toys: one knitted Bunny Nugget, cousin to the Knitty Kitties

Made by: Barb Shillinger

Dropped by Barb Shillinger,

When: 19 Dec, 2009

And Barb says: I was planning to drop at the bus stop in front of this old motel-cum-apt-units, but when I rounded the corner, there were two teenagers there. I had had to go back to the car, as I'd discovered that Mr-Bunny Nugget-Cousin-to-the-Knitty-Kitties, did NOT have his paperwork in the bag. I knew last night that I had one bag w/o it. However, I was too lazy to dump all out of bag to find which, so I just put some extra papers in the bag to fix it when I'd found it. Naturally, the two kids who were waiting to cross the busy street at the corner when I first approached the bus stop, were now there!! So I decided to just paste Mr. Bunny Nugget to the corner of the building.

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