Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drop # 866 (by a first time sewer and her daughter!)

Dropped: In a tree, on the Silver Lake Reservoir running path, USA
Number of Toys Dropped: 1 A soft skinny bunny stuffed with fluff and lavender!
Made by: Deneen
Dropped by: Deneen & Rory
When: January 4, 2010 (7:30pm)
And Deneen and Rory O'Neill say: First of all, my daughter and I both had SO much fun with this. This was the first time I've really sewn anything - and I can't wait to make more. I hope we see who finds our toys! I made a crazy looking bunny filled with fluff and lavender. We planned our covert mission after dark. We walked around the Silver Lake reservoir (in Los Angeles) and found a tree that looked just right for hiding in. My photos are a bit sketchy because it was pitch dark and we were trying to go undiscovered.


vesna said...

very cute bunny!

susie said...

So adorable AND what a cute story! Go Deneen & Rory!

Renee said...

that's a great bunny! I hope she finds a wonderful new home :)

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Carol E. said...

Fabulous beginnings by you and your daughter! Often we never hear about where our toys end up. I hope you do eventually hear about a find... but if not, keep on enjoying the secret joy of planting a surprise!