Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drop # 1427


Dropped: I-25 rest stop, between Watrous and Wagon Mound, NM USA
Number of toys: 1
Made by: decapod
Dropped by: decapod
When: 11/27/2010
And decapod says: tweed monkey from a recent Vogue pattern


Anonymous said...

We found "Chango" cold and scared waiting to be rescued. At first we were unsure of him, thought he was cursed by "creepy creepster vibes", but spending a little time we fell in love. He is awesome and we will take care of him forever. Thank you for your kindness and hope the world repays you for your good graces.
Tyra & Lucas

Juddie said...

Decapod - I adore all your wonderful toys! The finders are very lucky!